Tablet Stand for keeps!

August 25, 2014

I’ve been remiss with my posts this week. That crap with me not taking my blog as seriously stops today! I know many of you look to see what I obsess about, and perhaps these items will end up on a TV appearance, so you can see them in action. Well one thing that really doesn’t need to be seen on TV to appreciate is this tablet stand called the Desktop Chair V2. I’m not calling upon you all to buy it, NOPE, I am not. What I am suggesting is you look at it for ideas, and appreciate its beauty and ability to grow with your changing tech needs.

Let’s no misunderstand what I am saying. The Desktop Chair v2 is a beautifully hand-crafted wood tablet stand.  This elegant accessory is compatible with most iPad or Android tablets so it may be the only stand you will ever need.  Prop up your device horizontally, vertically, with or without a case. And since it is compatible with most tablets, once you grow out of your 10″ device, it will support your 12″ device, or when you downsize, it’ll work then as well. I usually have my tablet propped up to show my email as I sit writing on my laptop. It’s a nice dual screen system I’ve created, on a budget. 

My favorite thing about the Desktop Chair v2 is that it’s crafted from premium wood sheets that is cross-grained (layered perpendicularly) and hydraulic hot-pressed. I LOVE that it is formed from a single piece of wood, and elegantly bent. The rounded edges and sleek curves are accomplished by hand.  Many of you know I love woodworking, and would love to create my own version of this, but sadly, without a hydraulic press and wood supports (to hold shape), this isn’t possible, so I leave this to the experts.

The result is it adds a bit of nature and warmth to a space (your desk) that’s usually bombarded with black, silver, and metal. Numerous studies and articles show greenery and wood make the eyes calm after so much bright light, so why not make it a part of the desk in a more permanent way? How do you calm your eyes and senses in and around your office? And isn’t this stand just lovely?

If you’re so inclined, you can learn more and purchase yours here.

*I do not receive commission for this article nor from any purchases. This is purely informational. Cause that’s how I roll!

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