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October 1, 2014

Cuisinart Alfrescamoré Outdoor Pizza Ovenalfrescamore

who doesn’t love authentic tasting pizza?

-Replicate the perfect pizza environment of a brick oven, using convection, conduction, and reflected heat to create high air temperatures and an even cooking surface

-Extremely portable (weighing in at only 35 lbs.)

-Assembles in less than 10 minutes without tools

-Cook time is only five minutes

-Incorporates a smoke chip cup which allows you to add authentic wood-fired taste

-Available at,, and in select Bed, Bath & Beyond stores

MSRP $249.99


Philips Airfryerairfryer

keeping us indulging in our favorite foods, the Philips Airfryer lets us have deep fried food without all the guilt.

-Air Fryer uses patented technology to fry your favorite foods using little or no oil.

-It works by circulating hot air. From French fries and fried chicken to homemade doughnuts, lets you cook up a storm and enjoy all your best-loved fried foods—without the guilt.

-60-minute timer lets you know when your food is ready, then automatically shuts off the machine.

-Pull-out baking tray simplifies putting food in and taking it out of the fryer.

-A stainless-steel rack allows you to fry more food—or cook two kinds of food at the same time.

-The oil pan, frying basket, baking tray and inside of the fryer have a durable nonstick coating for quick, easy cleanup. Oil pan and basket are also dishwasher safe.

MSRP $299.99


T-Fal OptiGrilloptigrill

One of my favorite essentials that makes meals so easy in my house is the T-fal OptiGrill.

-Tabletop grill makes cooking anything from sandwiches to meat easy

-sensor measures thickness of food to get the perfect ‘doneness’

-makes delicious grilled meats and veggies (I usually make grilled salmon and veggies, but mainly veggies, and it’s a HIT!)

-cooks evenly on both sides, and makes grilled cheeses to die for!

-my favorite feature, the plates are removeable for cleaning. Is this better than the much less expensive George Foreman? Yes-because you can actually clean the grill plates, and if you use this grill as much as I do, while testing out a bunch of weirdo recipes, this is a necessity.

MSRP $179


Keurig 2.0keurig

Speaking of getting things done easily, the Keurig 2.0 makes it so easy to brew a carafe of coffee (up to 4 cups) at the touch of a button – great for people who drink a lot of coffee or like to entertain guests/throw parties. Plus, this is the NICEST Keurig I’ve seen. Even though the exterior is the familiar plastic, it has this silver exterior that makes it look oh so good!

-Extra Large 80 oz. Water Reservoir

-Large Color Touch Display

-Programmable Clock

-Strength Control** who wouldn’t want to make a stronger cup?

-Hot Water on Demand



Brookstone Perfect Bakeperfectbake

Perfect Bake App-Controlled Smart Baking – going to be honest, when I first saw this, I thought, ok, it’s a great way to bake with the kids, but that’s it. Then I got my hands on it, and started using it. I, a person who always ’rounds up’ or ’rounds down’ because I cannot seem to follow recipe directions, finds that something that tells me when I’ve gone too far with the flour or not far enough with the salt, makes baking more satisfying. And the results are delicious!

-Perfect Bake, the app-based baking system measures ingredients as small as a pinch to ensure perfect results.

-Free app for iOS or Android devices guides you through baking each recipe*. Connect the scale to your phone or tablet. Doesn’t need wifi once app is downloaded

-Place a bowl on the scale and Perfect Bake lets you know exactly how much ingredient to add

-Tell Perfect Bake the number of cookies you want to make, and it automatically scales the recipe – LOVE this feature, because I don’t always want to make 144 cookies.

Choose from hundreds of recipes, or create and save your own

-Pantry Feature gives you lists of delicious recipes from the items you have on hand

– $69.99


Food Markersfoodmarkers

And last but not least, this is something that will help you keep all the delicious food you’re making this fall organized in the fridge. Uber useful and inexpensive. This is a great little organization helper. Could you use Post-Its? Yes you could. I said I would, and yet never did. But I tend to use these. Go figure?!

Make fridge clean-outs easy and leftover night a breeze with Food Markers.

With these handy fill-in stickers, you’ll know whether a food item is past its prime or a prime dinner solution.

-$6.00 for 90 labels


Do you have something specific you can’t live without in the kitchen? My countertop just disappeared under all of these gadgets, but it is SOOOO worth it. My belly thanks me. 🙂


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