Be My Eyes – VideoChat that let’s you help those in need

February 6, 2015

If one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to volunteer more of your time, yet there’s no time in your schedule to volunteer, may I suggest you check out this amazing new app poised to make real change in people’s lives? It’s called Be My Eyes, and it’s a genius app that connects blind people with volunteers around the world who see for them via video chat. And you thought Facetime and Google Hangouts was just to chat up grandma.

How it works is simple: a blind person requests assistance and a volunteer receives a notification that they can accept or ignore. If accepted, a connection is established and the volunteer helps out in various ways, from navigating new surroundings to checking the expiration date on a carton of milk. The volunteer helper receives a notification for help and a live video connection is established. From the live video the volunteer can help the blind person by answering the question they need answered.

An example of “micro-volunteering,” Be My Eyes allows people to help out when they can while making sure blind users have help on hand for whenever they need it.

That means you get to volunteer on your schedule, and the person gets the help they need – all thanks to Be My Eyes.

It’s available for iOS users, and Android is on it’s way. I’m on the waiting list.


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