This American Life Videos – Get Help Saying Something You Can’t

March 6, 2015

Following a hit podcast like SERIAL will be a feat unto itself. However, the storytelling powerhouse, THIS AMERICAN LIFE, that helped bring us that fascinating look into a teenage-love-story gone wrong, is now bringing us videos! In a collaboration with Brooklyn-based director Bianca Giaever, This American Life and production company m ss ng p eces, the videos are meant to help people who have ‘trouble saying something’. First up is a funny and touching episode about Maia Leppo, a Chicago woman who has lived with her boyfriend Alex for 8 years, yet have never said those 3 magical words, I Love You. Watch the video then watch the sweet reaction.

Have you ever had trouble telling someone something? How have you overcome it? Or are you still struggling?

Love all your pretty parts.


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