Spring out of the pack with this print top and chic black pants

May 1, 2015

I’m taping a segment for K-CAL 9 News focusing on great Mother’s Day Gifts. If you know me, I try to dress the part. So what would be a great look that accompanies fun Mother’s Day Gift ideas? While poking around online, I discovered this fantastic Miss Finch T from ideel.com. And to top it off (yes, I made that pun on purpose) it is $34.99. A top that works for work and play for less than $35? Pack it up, and let’s put this puppy to work!

The watercolor design is soft with an edgy vibe that keeps it young and flirty. I love that you can wear the boxy shape as a casual top or tucked to fancy it up.

And speaking of fancying it up. I discovered these amazing black stretchy silk pants on a girlfriend at a dinner party. As soon as I saw them, I immediately tried taking them off of her. Then I woke from my crazy clothing monster rage, and asked in the classiest voice I could muster, ‘where are those pants from?’ Amanda said they’re her’s–as in her line, AMANDA SHI carried exclusively at American Rag. Hmmm….I see. I thought I put my slight of hand days behind me, but once again, they are called upon for a new pair of pants! Will she notice that I swapped her gorgeous black pants for my destroyed boyfriend Levi’s?

Those pants ended up in my closet soon enough, and as soon as I put them on, I felt like I had finally found my glass slipper. These pants are chic, refined, and oh, so comfortable. They’re black and a great piece that goes easily from spring to summer through fall! I love the sexy high waist, and how it shows off my figure without giving too much away. And the shortness for ankle play? Yes please! They draw attention to the sexy ankle and show off that shoe. I’m wearing BCBG heels.

And this effortless outfit is what I will wear on K-CAL 9’s Mother’s Day segment.

Love all your parts,



I also wore this outfit to move a 7′ plant and planter. Note to self — although clothes made it through this adventure, do not wear heels to do this kind of manual labor.


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