Recycling Fashion: The New Style of it all

September 1, 2015

Every year, each American throws away about 68 pounds of clothing into landfills.

The clothing label Reformation, which promotes fashionable sustainability with garments made of vintage and eco-friendly fabrics, has kicked off a “RefRecyling” initiative to alleviate the problem, partnering with Community Recycling to give shoppers an easy way to dispose of old clothes and make room for new ones. Each online customer receives a “Lazy Person’s Guide to Recycling” pamphlet and return shipping label with their order; Then, they simply fill the box that their items came in with unwanted garments, slap on the label, and ship.

If every American recycled one more T-shirt a year, we would recover 210 billion gallons of water alone. And – hand on heart – we all have at least one ugly t-shirt in our closets, that we should probably say goodbye to.

To encourage you and me to join the program, Reformation is running an#OutfitofthePast social media contest in which shoppers can upload old photos of themselves wearing cringe-worthy outfits for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate. The cringe-worthy part is NOT a problem. It’s deciding WHICH cringe-worthy outfit to post. I mean, no matter what your confidence level, we all have a level of self-respect too, right? Meh, maybe not! Do you have any cringe-worthy stuff hiding out in your closet?

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