Orange Wine: Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Banana?

September 22, 2015

It cannot be. The last few days of summer are among us and as much as I try to make it stay, I just can’t through sheer will. What I can do is encourage you all to relive the days and nights of summer through one of our favorite trends of the season: orange wine.

In pockets all around the country, foodies have been sipping on not white, not rosé, but orange wine: a “contact” wine created by an old technique that macerates white wine grapes with its skins for a period of time.

Named for its pleasant, amber hue, orange wine hits all the right notes with modern drinkers by being complex, full, and refreshing. Thanks to restaurants in Brooklyn as well as Charleston, South Carolina, the drink is quickly growing from being under-the-radar to downright trendy, so we recommend scouting out a bottle to keep the summer vibes going strong! I’m stocking up!

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