November 6, 2015

You may not know her name yet, but Central Saint Martins graduate Marie Yat is attracting attention for her collection of women’s underwear and loungewear specially designed for a woman’s comfort. In other words, this ain’t no Victoria’s Secret.

MarieYat-4-620x413The lingerie and loungewear pieces Yat has created are seamless, knit pieces that are as comfortable and male underwear, while still keeping some of the sensual elements of traditional lingerie to help women feel good while going about their lives. She even uses similar male underwear textures, with cotton and ribbing for detail. The result is a collection that is very wearable and much more relevant to the times than the mall’s lingerie stores.

Some people are saying this collection doesn’t cater to the male gaze, however, when I take a peak at the lookbook of Marie Yat’s designs, I can see her sexualizing the models in her lingerie. Because, let’s be honest. Even if we aren’t wearing this comfy underwear for our significant other, we do wear it for ourselves. And we want to feel like we look hot underneath our work clothes. I am totally onboard with that!

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