April 27, 2017

Walking through NYC with your face in your phone? Now you can do it and explain to everyone you’re experiencing the history of NY in a different way.

The Museum of the City of New York (MCNY) is taking people back in time to the iconic Gilded Age (1870-1900), a period marked by decadent spending and lavish living. Their new app “A Walk Through Gilded New York,” guides users through an audio and visual walking tour of 15 historical sites, including before-and-after iconic buildings such as Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Opera as well as city shopping staples Tiffany & Co. and Lord & Taylor.

The app accompanies the museum’s Gilded New York exhibition and highlights both the histories of the city’s turn-of-the century architecture as well as its current uses.

No matter what your interests are, I’m sure the showcasing of the decadence of the city in a fun, interactive way will grab everyone in the family, as you experience all the historical landmarks with your own eyes.

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