Wait Learning: Learn a new language during those micr-moments of waiting

May 24, 2017

Learning a new language on your bucket list yet finding no time to do it?

The geniuses over at MIT labs are looking to optimize your time like never before by taking idle moments and turning them into second language learning opportunities.

Pioneering a new form of entertainment, Wait Learning, MIT’s first offering of a planned suite of apps is WaitChatter a Gchat plug-in that quizzes users on French or Spanish vocabulary while they wait for a response to their chat or an email to come through.

The brainchild of PhD candidate Carrie Cai, the concept of wait learning makes the best of our screen addictions by taking the micro-moments users often spend refreshing their Instagram feed or checking their friend’s Snapchat stories and turning them into productive skill-learning sessions.

A side benefit of the apps was that users still paid attention to their original task: When they fill these moments with things like browsing social media, they tend to get lost in that secondary activity, but with these quick learning moments, they return their attention more fully to what they were doing in the first place.

What do you think? Would you use it?

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