How One German Store is Tackling Racism on Their Shelves

September 11, 2017

On the anniversary of 9/11, I want to take a moment to honor those fallen and the heroes that emerged in America. I also feel it’s important to recognize that these heroes come in all different shapes, colors and sexual orientation. And I’m proud to say that they all call America home. But we still struggle…with immigration, hate, and the American Ideal.

By no means is the United States the only country struggling with immigration issues right now. Germany has had its fair share of conflict recently, with the country divided over Chancellor Angela Merkel’s enactment of an open door immigration policy for refugees.

To make a statement about the importance of diversity, the Hamburg location of German supermarket chain Edeka pulled all imported products from their shelves and replaced them with signs featuring phrases like “our selection knows limits today” and “so empty is a shelf without foreigners.”

This bold stunt is meant to draw attention to the importance of embracing other cultures by showing customers just how much they enjoy and rely on them. The efforts seem to be working, as photos of the store are going viral on social media worldwide and many are applauding the company for its unique way of taking a stand.


It is important to recognize that the fabric of our nation is also made up of many different people. As the stunt above shows, our entire world is blessed with many different people and cultures that create the landscape of our country. So to honor 9/11, let’s look to all of our sisters and brothers, and perpetuate a place of love, support and honor. Because together, we are GREAT.


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