5 Steps to a Fab Fall Face

November 23, 2015

Have you ever noticed how the fall and winter weather makes our skin dry and dull? To help our skin fare well this fall, I have some tips that will help make our faces bright and more radiant. Plus, we go over the correct order one should use the products available to make us look fresh faced and fab! And it’s as simple as using products from lightest to heaviest.

  1. Tip 1 – Step Up Exfoliation – PMD Tool – $159
    1. Start your fall skin routine with the best skin. To uncover our

most vibrant, radiant skin, just reach for PMD, your own Personal Microderm! It’ll leave you looking as great as you feel. The personal microderm is designed to replicate the microderm abrasion treatment given by professionals.

  1. Using the same aluminum-oxide crystals on patented spinning discs that work by gently pulling at skin with a vacuum-action that promotes exfoliation while removing dead skin cells and revealing healthy, clear skin. With clean skin, products absorb better.
    1. https://getpmd.com
  1. Tip 2 – Tone – this water like liquid starts the regimen off right – Nourish Organic Toner – $14.99
    1. Using a toner has a few benefits, including:
    2. Giving your skin pH balance
      1. Our alkaline soaps disrupt the pH balance of our skin. Using toner helps rebalance.
    3. Adding a layer of protection
      1. Toners can help close pores after cleansing, thus reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin
    4. It refreshes skin
      1. Toner can also be used in lieu of washing your skin when it’s oily or dirty.
      2. Rosewater and witch hazel sooth and balance skin
      3. leaves your skin revitalized, even when you’re on-the-go.
      4. Nourish Organics
        1. http://www.nourishorganic.com or www.amazon.comFace Toner
  1. Tip 3 – Use a good serum – Super light liquid that packs a punch – Valentia Even Glow Serum $29
    1. Serums are the workhorse of the facial care regimen, and are super potent
      1. Don’t contain any excess water, so ingredients get to skin immediately
      2. I use this Valentia’s 20% Vitamin C serum
  • Always apply after toner but BEFORE anything else
    1. typically used to improve the overall appearance and texture of skin—including hyperpigmentation.
    2. The ingredients act as an antioxidant, restore and regenerate, and gives you tighter, firmer looking skin
    3. http://valentia.com or www.Amazon.comserum
  1. Tip 4 – Moisturize – Creams are medium bodied and help rehydrate – Stri-Vectin SD Advanced $139
    1. Use a good moisturizer to not only restore the moisture but work in conjunction with your serum because serums don’t moisturize. So don’t skip moisturizer
      1. Stri-Vectin SD
        1. Stri-Vectin SD reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
        2. Targets ‘youth collagen’ for healthy younger looking skin
        3. Hydrates and visibly enhances skin texture
        4. Strengthens the skin barrier to maximize skin performance
        5. http://www.strivectin.comstri vectin
    2. Because I have dry skin, I also use facial oil – Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil – $48
      1. 100 percent pure Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids
      2. deeply hydrates and nourishes skin.
      3. Grown organically in Morocco
      4. Easily absorbs into skin, delivering a fresh, dewy glow, and keeps you looking beautiful from head to toe.
      5. Available at Sephora.com and http://www.josiemarancosmetics.com/
  2. Tip 5 – Protect – Apply SPF even if it’s cloudy outside (price varies)
    1. We hear about this but many of us don’t fully understand why this is such an important step
    2. SPF prevents the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays from reaching the skin
    3. UVA and UVB damage skin, aging it prematurely and increase one’s risk of skin cancer
    4. Use a high quality sunscreen and the right type for your needs
      1. Sunscreens come in creams – best for dry skin and face
      2. Gels are good for hairy areas – like scalp and male chest
      3. Sticks are good for around eyes and ears
      4. Sprays are preferred by parents since they are easy to apply to kids
      5. Powder is great for reapplication for women on the go over their make up
      6. La Roche Posay has Daily antioxidant serum with sunscreen is great for busy women on the go! Puts 2 products into one.
        1. http://www.isclinical.com
        2. http://www.colorshield.com
        3. http://www.target.com, walgreens, CVS

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Good luck fighting the cold. I know you’ll look fresh faced doing it! Cheers!

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