A Haunted House 2 Premiere

April 17, 2014

I was lucky enough to get to cover the premiere of A HAUNTED HOUSE 2, the new scary movie spoof from the depraved mind of Marlon Wayans. I haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet, but I have to say the clips and trailer look so dumb – in an awesome way. I mean, his dog gets smashed by a safe in the front yard and he says ‘Call the police. Tell them he’s white!’ And the battle to the end with an evil chicken in the house? Yes that happens. And one the victor eats the other – deep fried.

Antics rule this movie, and so do puns and spoofs and homages to your favorite scary movies this year. Marlon told me a special tip of the hat goes to THE CONJURING. I have a feeling that movie ‘inspired’ a ton in the film. Can’t wait!

My wardrobe: $10 clearance dress from a Korean fashion store in San Gabriel Valley. It has fins at the hips to give me some curves, tight bust to give me boobs, and and cool dyeing technique to give my waist interest. All for $10. What a night!


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