A lesson in Awesome I learned at LAX

June 22, 2014

I don’t mean to be a surly passenger, and I have to be obnoxious for a moment and say I’m not sure how I stayed uncharacteristically cool after having my first flight cancelled, being rerouted to another airport, then experiencing a 4 hour delay, but today’s flight to Denver from LAX was horrendous. This is the thing. Airlines aren’t an easy place to work. LAX is DEFINTELY not an easy place to work as summer travel ramps up. And the airline reps have a lot ot deal with from the hundreds of people they deal with daily.

That being said, I feel it’s disappointing and a disservice to people in general when you’re a rep for an airline, and you can literally change someone else’s bad day with a smile, or some real effort.

My day was already crazy when I found out my first flight got cancelled. After the on-line reservations tried to get me to reschedule a direct flight with a layover lasting over 6 hours, I got on the phone and got a direct. Great, some human time resulted in another option. Nice!

When I get to LAX, I notice we are delayed. Delays aren’t bad as long as they’re communicating and being good. As the day went on, and each delay was followed by ‘we won’t have any information until the time listed on the screen’ – and that happens 5 times over, don’t treat the people who come up asking for assistance with attitude. Simple.

To pass some time, I go to the small food court in Terminal 7. I get myself a nice little bite, and this young guy named Wes, a Yogurtland employee cleaning up the entire food court area, smiles at me. He greets me, and I smile back and make conversation. I say I need some ketchup, and even though he works for Yogurtland, he offers to get me some packets. And he does! He’s at LAX all day, working his ass off so he can get his AA and start his vocational training as a heating/AC repair man. This young man was so in love with life, and just exuded joy – at LAX. I couldn’t help but be affected.

Meeting Wes at LAX, what most people see as hell on earth, reminded me how lucky I am to be where I am, and reminds me even though the airline reps may be cynical beyond reproach, there are still people out there with kindness and love. He called me Ma’am. I’ll excuse that lapse in judgment (I’m a Miss at the most! J ) Seriously, he made my 4 hour delay a lot better, because even though we only interacted for about 5 minutes, his energy and joy was so infectious, it helped alleviate  the bad feelings and even made the delay more palatable. I’m finally on my way to Denver to surprise my grandmother, and even though I’m a bit tardy according to MY schedule, I realize I’m a lucky gal to get to see her and share in more joy.

Awesomeness breeds awesomeness. Go out and be awesome today lovelies!


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