Who I Am

Growing up in Alhambra, California, I began my love affair with television and technology the day my dad made us the first on the block to have a home karaoke machine. Being an early adopter inspired me to pick up my bags and move solo to San Francisco to embark on what I thought was to be my career path as a TV Writer/Producer for TechTV. But fate had other plans and threw me head first in front of the camera – thank goodness as being thrown backside first would not have been as pleasant for the lens – and shifted my career into that of an on-air Tech Reporter at TechTV. What made it stick? I took the intimidation out of tech and explained it in such a way a Luddite got the gist. And tech was just the gateway for my love affair with television work…

Right now, you can see me as the Lifestyle/Tech Expert for CBS’s hit daytime talk show, THE TALK.

You can also see me as the go-to Beauty and Style Expert for various entertainment and news magazine shows including ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, E! Entertainment, TV GUIDE, and local news. In Nature

Previously, I traveled the world on HGTV’s “LIVING ABROAD,” where I chronicled the experiences, culture shocks, and life lessons of American families living in foreign countries. That was a dream job–one I that fed my wanderlust, and inspires me to dream of living abroad. When the Hollywood itch starts up, I produce, write and report entertainment stories.  I pride myself on being a lifestyle curator, style explorer, tech aficionado, dog fancier, and all around ruckus rouser.

My hobbies include firing metal to liquefy or solder together to create unique jewelry pieces. But I do not enjoy filing them. That means I have many sharp pieces of jewelry.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to, read my musings, what I’m liking now, or what my gorgeous dogs look like (they’re all working on their own blogs BTW – but I refuse to let them publish, as I don’t want to be that girl), subscribe for updates.


Twitter @chilanlieu

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Facebook http://ow.ly/NPF3Y

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  • Reply Richard Blaylock June 14, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    Such a wonderful lady you are, I have been a fan of yours since fact or faked, we are all blessed to be able to absorb your radiant positivity that resonates from your smile, keep up the good work and thanx for being so cool.

    Sincerely, Blaylock

    p.s. I am loving your legs Chi-Lan

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