Antwerp Texting Lane

July 6, 2015

We’ve all seen it happen: pedestrians on their phone and not paying attention to where they’re going until they collide with someone, or worse yet, something. OK, I’m guilty myself!

This epidemic has inspired Belgian smartphone specialists Mlab to half jokingly create “Texting Lanes” on the streets, designating a lane solely for people who are walking while texting in order to avoid dangerous mishaps. The stunt took place in Antwerp, and was a response to the rise in smartphone repairs that Mlab has seen as a result of texting collisions. Not only are the Texting Lanes practical, they also point out the absurdity of our collective obsession with our screens. My only question is, is this a social experiment, public art, or advertisement? To me, this totally crosses the boundaries of it all.

What do you think, should we have texting lanes for pedestrians?IMG_5683__880 IMG_5687__880

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