Apple Music: How to not get charged

July 3, 2015

The much anticipated Apple Music launched Tuesday, and you may already be streaming that puppy’s music including Taylor Swift’s 1984, listening to DJ Zane Lowe, or shows by stars like Drake and Elton John. And you’re listening with a clearer conscience thanks to Taylor standing up for the music ‘liitle guys’ and getting them paid.

You get the first 3 months free, then it defaults to auto-renew.

But if you end up ditching the service after the trial ends, you should make sure you’re not billed $9.99 under Apple Music’s default automatic renewal. (Remember: anyone with an Apple ID had to link up a valid credit card or other payment option.)

Here’s how to make sure you don’t accidentally cost yourself some cash, as WIRED points out:

1. Once you’re in the Apple Music app, tap on the human head icon to enter your profile.
2. Tap on View Apple ID and log in.
3. Tap on Manage, which is under Subscriptions.
4. Tap Your Membership, and then Your Apple Membership.
5. Now you’ll see Automatic Renewal. Switch this to off to cancel your subscription.

Rejoice! You’ve just stopped them from taking your cash money if you’ve stopped using the service.

Did this help you? Are you enjoying Apple Music?

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