June 1, 2017

With podcasts and voice-activated assistants increasingly on the rise, audio is shaping up to be the new interface of choice. I mean, I have 5 Amazon Echos or Dots around my very modest home, with 2 iPhones. It’s insane. And if I can’t call out and ask what time it is, I get a bit miffed.

At the same time, I’m noticing a surge in people being more willing to pay for quality reporting given the controversy surrounding fake news. These two trends combine in Audm, an app that makes long-form journalism accessible to a headline-skimming audience. Tapping some of the world’s best audiobook narrators, Audm reads the news to users, making it easy for them to stay informed on current events by making the process a more passive experience. With subscriptions starting at $7 a month, it’s a small price to pay for convenient, high quality journalism.

And yes, I will be streaming it on my Echo or Dot, depending on which room I’m in!

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