Cate Blanchett wows me!

June 16, 2014

me at WIFAt the Women in Film event last week, I got to rub elbows with some of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. And I met my idol, and almost everyone’s favorite of the night, Cate Blanchett.

One thing that was a surprising constant on the carpet at the WIF Awards was the humility and humanity of the women who were being honored. Even the venerable Cate Blanchett, a woman who wows audiences consistently with her fearless portrayal of every character she plays, revealed to me, “When you think of the women who have come before me, and Lucille ball who I’m an incredible drooling admirer of, and I’m receiving the crystal awards tonight. It’s an extraordinary group of women to be counted amongst. So I’m incredibly thrilled.”—Cate Blanchett

“I’m really so flattered. It’s an incredible organization and um it’s such encouragement to get this recognition or award. The women who are being honored tonight; it’s just brilliant. From Eva to Kerry to Cate. I’m really thrilled. Women are really underrepresented in film and so it’s really good to just like promote it, discuss it, and try to nurture it, and that’s what this organization does.”—Rose Byrne

Eva Longoria

When I asked her about being honored that evening, Rose revealed “I’m a little nervous because I have to make a speech but once that’s over, then I can relax.” An actress who gets nervous about making a speech in front of people? That’s endearing. And how will Rose celebrate her win? “I’m going home to NY so I can show off to my friends there.”

Eva Longoria, there to receive honors for her philanthropy, revealed her after-awards show plans, “I’m going to probably eat because I don’t ever eat at these things because the dinners scare me. But I’ll probably go have a pizza after, then go home to bed. I need sleep.”

When Kerry Washington stopped by, she was gushing about the evening where the ladies were all smiles. “I just love nights when we get to honor each other as women. It’s extra fun you know because Girls Rock! So it’s fun to hang with the ladies and celebrate each other.”Kerry Washington

Cate Blanchett ended our interview with these words for women looking to get into film, “Try to get rid of your fear. It’s an exciting place to work.” I go to many events, but few shine as bright as WIF Awards.

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