Charlie Hunnam – Sons Of Anarchy star, & 50 Shades of Gray!!!

September 8, 2013

At the SOA season 6 premiere. Premiere episode is a doozy! It touches on a very controversial topic of guns and kids. Straight from the stars, they tell me that at the heart of it all, this series is about fathers and sons. But it is also about a pack of guys who sell guns. And as Kurt Sutter says, it would have been irresponsible to never touch on the subject. So he brought it to the forefront and started the series off with a school shooting, as the country still heals from recent tragedies. But he believes they did it in a responsible way. We will see what fans think once the episode airs. Chime in! Let me know what you think!



In front of a prop bike from SOA!

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