Couple’s Mix-Tape

September 9, 2017

Remember in high school, how cool it was when someone gave you a mix-tape of music that you inspired? That was like filling a room with dozens and dozens of roses.

Since that time, we likely now all have jobs and errands to run, so making a mix tape becomes a bit harder. Enter Couple’s Mixtape!

Couple’s Mixtape is the first ever AI mixtape generator. Users simply upload a photo of themselves and their partner and Couple’s Mixtape’s facial recognition software gets to work, identifying key aspects of the photo and tags such as “nature,” “happy,” and “adventure” to craft a completely custom Spotify playlist. Not just for couples, users can also put in photos of their favorite show’s OTPs (one true pairings) to find out what exactly Game of Thrones power couple Jon Snow and Daenerys would listen to while they’re out riding dragons.

Mine is below! And it’s all about sexy-slow baby making music. How’d you know?!

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