Crane & Canopy duvet

June 25, 2014

Many of you know I have an odd ovsession with bedding. I’m one of those girls who makes her bed every morning, and changes out the duvet every month to freshen the room’s look. I have too many duvets to name, and was elated when Crane & Canopy sent me a Signature Duver in Cora Green. This soft green color reminds me of a fresh mint ice cream, without the artificial coloring. The small white dots that create the design on the duvet mimic the trendy chevron, but are more whimsical thanks to the hand drawn effect of each dot.

I’m one of the 40% of Americans who sleeps with a top sheet, and making my bed every AM can be a chore if I’ve tossed a bit, or the dogs got wily in their sleep. The Signature Duvet takes some of the effort out of making the bed in the am by eliminating the need to nicely fold over that white flat sheet. The sheets stay below the comforter, and thanks to the patterned edge piping and white section sewn at the top of the Signature Duvet, it looks I took the time to make my bed.

At just 350 thread count, I was expecting a bit of a scratchy duvet. I was pleasantly surprised to feel softness when I touched the comforter cover, and I slept well. I have that ‘Princess and the Pea’ thing going about me, so it sucks when my toe touches a scratchy fabric in my sleep. I bolt out of bed, like I’ve been electrocuted. It makes for some fun in the middle of the night!




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