Day 3 – Hat goes Floppy

August 15, 2014

Listen, dedicating myself to wearing all these different hats this week has been challenging. I mean, I’ve put myself in a position to use these hats, with the right cute outfit, while running errands, and ‘glowing’ like a 300 lb gorilla with her eye on a banana and a rainforest in her way. To keep myself cool, I’ve been wearing the Diamond Weave Hat from David and Young. First, this hat is made of paper, so it’s fairly cool. Second, even though it is a lighter hat and weave, it actually provides sun protection. Awesome. Third, because of the neutral colors, this hat literally went with any weird top or dress I put on and ran around in. Even better.

Funny story. I was taking a dinner break from my jewelry class and went to my local Thai restaurant. Vicky, the wonderful cashier, knows my (very hard to pronouce) name and greets me happily. She comes by and says, ‘You look so different today. You always come in so pretty. Today, no face! (laughs)’ She was so right. Today I walked in there without my face on. And I must admit, it’s like night and day without a swipe of lipstick. A sad, lonely night versus a sundrenched, happy day that smells of roses and joy. Bahahaha.

Has this every happened to you? And even though it’s good natured, doesn’t it sometimes sit a little funny? haha

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