DIY Thursday

April 24, 2014

Fancy up simple glassware and make your drinks sparkle by simply taking some gold paint, painting little dots in a random pattern of your fancy, and watch the classy quotient in your home go up exponentially!

I’ve owned these cheapy stemless wine glasses & IKEA champagne glasses for years. Not sure how they lasted that long, but they’re still usable!

Godl paint, brush and glasses

Materials: small cover for table, small paintbrush, gold paint, drinking glasses

1: line the table you’re working on. Gold is pretty where you place it, not where it falls, and makes you clean it. As for paint, I used some left over Modern Masters Metallic paint a scene painter friend was kind enough to give me, and being a low-budget DIYer, I prefer to make it for FREE than any other price. But if you’re buying, Martha Stewart Metallic Glitter Acrylic Craft Paint or Liquid Gold Gilding will work well and are easy to find at your local craft store.

small paintbrush makes quick work of small dots!2: get a small paint brush, one that can hold paint and give you the control you need. I used a smaller 1/4” bristle brush I had from some painting class when I saw Renoir as a inspiration. That dream was squashed, and I turned to making little dots. I’m more skilled at this, I feel.

3: dip brush in paint and start laying those little dots down. I originally began painting dots towards the bottom of the glass close together, having them get more sparse as they rose up the glass to the middle. I want the glasses to look like they have champagne bubbles floating up. Paint only close to bottom to about middle (you don’t want lips touching the paint while drinking). My patience waned, and I just went random with the dots after the 3rd glass. I have to say, either way, they look great. Keep a small napkin or paper towel around to wipe up drips or mistakes immediately. You can also scrape them off after they dry, but I like to wipe and continue working.

upside down, but looking cool4: finish painting glass and rest upside down for at least an hour to cure. Turn right side up, display for your guests, and sit back and let them admire your fancy new glasses.

5: cleaning – One note of caution, take care when washing the dot portion of the glass. Paint usually doesn’t stick like super glue on slick surfaces like glass, so don’t put in the dishwasher. Or scrub the painted portion.

finished and happyThe thing I love about this project is that it is so simple, yet gives a basic like glasses such character and whimsy. I love the fanciful nature of these glasses, the randomness of the dots, and the refined nature of the gold paint. These glasses look expensive, and hand made. Yet they are absolutely free and charming! It took me less than an hour to do do all 10 glasses and guests all thought I got new drinkware.


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