Drake’s Hotline Bling

November 4, 2015

Have you all seen Drake’s Hotline Bling video? First of all, the song is catchy as all get-out! And everyone is going crazy over everything that has to do with the video. So imagine my surprise when really cute Halloween costumes of Drake and his Hotline Bling workers, specifically my girlfriend dressed as the Hotline Bling worker, and her French Bulldog as Drake appeared on my Instagram feed?! I don’t have her permission to post a pic, otherwise it’d be over! LOL

Personally, I really like the simple visuals of the video. It’s is super stark except for all the geometry and angles and gorgeous lighting. But the one thing that this video brings to mind is “Drake is dancing in Donald Judd” artwork. That’s all I can think of when I see his video!

20-022451-gifs_of_drake_dancing_in_hotline_bling_music_videoOn top of that,  Drake mania has even taken over the fashion world, thanks to the appearance of Moncler’s Maya down puffer jacket in “Hotline.” In shiny, cherry-red nylon, the coat worn by Drake while he busts out his moves is now the most desired item for staying warm during the impending winter. On the day after the video’s release, Moncler sold more than double the number of Maya jackets online than it typically does. And given that the jackets go for $1,150 a pop, it shows that fans are willing to pay a pretty penny to dress like Drake. It never surprises me when Fashion Hounds get their minds set on an item of clothing.


Would you buy this puffer jacket for $1150? That’s a lot of babysitting hours, right?!


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