Drama with Hats

August 18, 2014

ok this is my last post about David and Young hats. I couldn’t resist because, I mean look at the pink, floppy fabulousness! This isn’t a color that goes with EVERYTHING, but no lie, it’s close. I make it work with almost everything. I mean who doesn’t want to strut out the door in some cute little dress, pop on this hat full of life and energy when heading out to dim sum?! I love the little bow detail in the back, and love how large the brim is. The visor helps keep my face covered while my head gets to breathe. And the drama. Oh the drama it inspires is a bit re-donk, but I love it. I just have to remember to apply sun block on my hair part. Love Love Love. And you’ll notice this hat works with my 7 inches of SHORTER hair. I never thought shorter hair would be so grand, but I have to admit it offers so much more body than the longer hair. And I’m quite liking it!

Do you have a go-to hat that you make work?

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