Dress for Success: Change Your Mindset

May 24, 2015

New research shows that the “power suit” lives up to its name. According to a series of studies that looked at the cognitive consequences of formal clothing, formal attire helps people think more abstractly and about larger goals rather than just the minute details of the workday. The study shows that wearing a suit changes the way the wearer thinks by signaling an environmental shift.

The study used undergraduate students who were randomly assigned to wear either clothing they’d wear to a job interview or clothing they’d wear to class. They were then asked to complete intellectual questionnaires to rate the formality of their clothing and the clothing of their peers. The results showed students wearing formal attire thought more abstractly. They also identified that they felt socially distant from their peers wearing regular clothing.

“This study signifies that what we wear really affects our cognitive behavior,” said Hugh Sinclair, Vice President of Logistics of Shopping Blitz, an internet marketplace providing the top brands of clothing, shoes, accessories and lifestyle products. “By wearing a suit or formal clothing, your brain understands you are in a professional and goal-oriented environment, which could give you the boost you need for a job interview or an important meeting.”

What does this mean for you, my lovelies? It means that clothing matters. What we dress in affects how we see ourselves and our world. If you want to be the change, dress the change, and you’ll succeed in the change. It’s a great idea, and science is backing it up with cold hard studies.

Do you feel different whenever you dress the part, whatever that may be?

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