EPSON Prints Their Couture Line

March 9, 2015

Never in all my years of being in the fashion world did I ever expect to be using the words Epson and couture in the same sentence. Yet, that’s exactly what I am doing.

Epson, a leader in technology and now fashion, presented their first ever runway show during New York Fashion Week. And from the pics and videos of their DIGITAL COUTURE campaign, Epson pushes the boundaries of fashion and technology with a show whose clothes were made entirely of printed fabrics! The fabrics were ceated using the SureColor F-Series, its textile printer that essentially creates printed fabric through massive iron-on transfers. Epson tapped teh talents of 11 different fashion designers throughout the Americas to showcase their unique Epson created pieces.

The prints are actually quite awe-inspiring, and are truly on-trend, tapping into the super-hot maker’s revolution, and providing options for emergind designers who cannot yet afford to mass-produce their own prints.

Have you ever wanted to design, make, create and are looking for ways to do it? Does this inspire you?

Love all your pretty parts!


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