Feminine & Flowy: A dress that’s easy everyday

April 16, 2017

Here’s a weird tid-bit about me, I steam and iron EVERYTHING before I wear it. I am obsessed because a simple wrinkle can really ruin an outfit. But as a working gal, sometimes one just doesn’t have the time to shower, rinse, repeat, squeegee the shower, then get my steamer ready, steam an entire dress, then get ready for work – all before 7 am. I know, First World Problems. But problems none the less.

Here’s the weird thing. All throughout my life, I always thought silk would wrinkle when one thought about it. And it usually does. However, when I got into this Yumi Kim silk Resort Collection dress, it slipped on with no problems and better, no wrinkles.

Once I was in this dress, I just knew it worked. I walked out confidently into the daylight, straight into the studio, and shot for THE TALK! It was awesome.

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