Food: when you can’t go to Maine for Lobster, have it shipped to you!

June 17, 2015

I’ve been obsessed with going to Maine for a couple years. I’ve heard amazing things about the views, the relaxing greenery, and the unmatched seafood delights. But Maine is the furthest point in the US from me, and it isn’t easy to just hop on a plane to eat some lobster rolls for the day, so what’s a chick to do? Order in baby! (that first pic is me taking it at night, in my house, right before I devoured all of them, with no apologies.)

Specialty food companies have stepped up their game and started shipping their incredibly fresh and authentic offerings straight to one’s door. And the surprising thing is, the cost is actually less than going to my local Lobster Roll joint. Boom! Saving me time and $$. Plus, an added bonus, this allows me to take it on a picnic with the fam, and nosh on it constantly – all day, every day, until I have eaten it all. Nom Nom Nom.

The place I tried is Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co. They do NOT disappoint. It’s a family run business, with Cal at the helm cooking up recipes that have been in her Maine family for generations. She uses only real fresh Maine Lobster, and food ranges from lobster rolls to sliders to mac n’ cheese to whoopie pies. Oh my, I’ve died and gone to delicious heaven.

The lobster rolls and whoopie pie combo (6 lobster rolls, 1 lb lobster salad, 6 whoopie pies – $112) comes with large claws that are luscious and rich, and the mayonnaise is light, which lets the tender flavors of the meat sing.

402_988_largeThe Sliders (12 brioche buns & 1 lb lobster slider salad – $99.95) have a bit of citrus added, and some celery for bite. I LOVED that. And the whoopie pies—they were sooo good, the fam and I devoured them before I could snap a pic for y’all. I messed up, forgive…but I can tell you they were delicious. So here’s a pic from Cal’s site.


All items are shipped in dry ice with tons of cool packs, and it’s delivered fresh, and can be assembled in 5 minutes. Makes you feel like you’re eating on vacation–all without the flight and security check points!!!!

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