Fringe & Vegan Leather: an effortless and chic pairing

April 30, 2015

I’ve been coveting a DVF leather skirt since the wee years when I could barely suck my own thumb. OK not really, but it has been a while, and since my color and size sold out, I decided, why not look for a vegan, and trendier version. I lucked out y’all. After striking out at the usual suspects like Nordstrom and Macy’s, I hip up Amazon and ebay. And low and behold, I found the perfect vegan leather skater-style skirt. To me, it’s cut more generously allowing for quite a large flow and more fabric. It looks more playful and less structured, which is perfect.

I match it with an old blue-grey and black fringe and ombre tank I have from a few seasons back–yes, so happy this trend came back around–and whammo! I have the perfect date outfit, brunch outfit, anything outfit really. Once I put on the gold with black & white striped heel Raphaella Booz shoes, the outfit comes to life. And I feel like I’m dancing at a party even when just walking out my door!


The link is the one I used to purchase the skirt, the shoes are a couple seasons ago from Anthropologie and the shirt, well that’s just an old closet find. And to think, I was on the verge of donating it! LOL

And the sunglasses are this season Miu Miu.

Love you all!


(I don’t receive a commission from the links above, they’re just for reference. 🙂 )

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