From Blah to Bikini Ready: My Workout

September 7, 2017

Some of you may know I’ve been on this crazy workout routine to see what works best for my body, to get strong, lean, and fit. And see if it’s possible to sustain this through an entire year.

Before, fit, but thicker than now. After testing out other workout crazes, like Jiu-Jitsu (too much landing on ground), Muay Thai Boxing (after a year, my bones started hurting and I ended up with a ton of bruising), and weights with cardio (great mix), cardio-barre (not for me), Bar Method (med), yoga (good), I stopped it all during the last holiday season. And what comes to a complete stop takes a ton of effort to restart.

Hence, I had to FORCE myself to get on another horse. That meant I had to find something that was so annoyingly convenient to my lifestyle and home that I had to find an undeniably strong reason NOT to workout. So I settled on YAS, a place 4 blocks from home, next to my supermarket, and offers 2 classes in am, noon time and 3 classes in PM. Take-away: MAKE IT AS CONVENIENT AS POSSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE

Plus offering both cardio and yoga classes or the combo of the two (one of my favorite things) was a winner. So I started on this journey to get fit and strengthen that little ticker we all have, the heart.

When I first began, it was after a holiday of gluttony brought on by generous gift and muffin baskets from my sister’s office. I mean, she’d bring home treats on the daily because she’s incredibly generous, and I, having no willpower, ate them like there was no tomorrow.

In January, that left me at 5’6 and 138 lbs. and no longer fitting into my 24 pairs of jeans, skinny or other cuts. Dangit! 

My goal was not to shed sizes but just tone up (I don’t own a scale). I had given up hope that I’d ever fit into those jeans again.

So off I went to spin. I started with the goal of 4 time a week. I kept to that, and as I got stronger, and loss my urge to vomit and pass out about 15 minutes into class, I kicked it up to 5 workouts a week. The added class was yoga, pilates or whatever else I was willing to do. Let it be known, my muscles did get tight, so stretching was a necessary for after workouts or days ‘off’.

Working out to hopefully slim down

I can’t report about whether or not my weight went up then down, but I can tell you that I looked really big for a month or two, as I assume, my muscles built up, and added to the ‘look’ of my body, and the fat hadn’t yet gone the way of the dinosaurs. So what is the take-away here? GIVE YOUR BODY TIME TO CHANGE AND DON’T GET DISCOURAGED

The Abs are starting to show up! And I recommend wearing darker colored or synthetic workout pants spinning. My crotch is reason #1

When did I finally start seeing results? I didn’t really notice anything crazy, but my abs did give me a solid hello about 4 months in. My calves were always nice, but they got to the point of cutting bricks about 2 months in. And the rest of me, well that took a bit longer…like it’s now beginning of September and I am finally seeing my legs and abs on point. Take-away here? START NOW. NOW IS NOW. NOT TOMORROW, NOT NEXT WEEK, NOW.

And once you start to feel stronger, the workouts become fun, and it almost becomes an addiction. I make that workout time just me time, and that means no phone, no worries, just time for me to breathe. That made that special time addictive to the point where I don’t enjoy missing working out. If I do, I feel like I didn’t take time for myself…and with that, I built a great healthy habit.

What if something just isn’t jiving for you? Look for another class, another instructor, anything to get you going. I found a few instructors who make me spin harder, work better, and bring it every time I work out.

Plus I finally fit into my jeans! Oh, holy cow! I was sooooo happy about not having to buy all new pants. And that is the best thing ever. My next move? Add weights for more fat burn! Boom!

What’s keeping you from working out? If you’re working out, what are you doing now?





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