Gett App-y: Guide to destressing your tech life

March 7, 2016

With so many social media apps out there, it can get a bit overwhelming when it comes to finding what can enhance your life, save you time and help you get things done. Today, I appeared on a Satellite Media Tour to help people spring clean their screen time.

When it comes to apps, the important thing to remember is define goals and needs, then look to tailor those social media apps to fit those needs. This will save time and help you reach your goals.

For instance, if your goal this year is to be better your connection to friends and family, look no further than Facebook. Facebook has said it has over 1.5 billion monthly active users. And since Facebook has powerful communication tools including supporting typed words, pictures and video and now, a la Snapchat and Periscope, live video feeds, you have your choice of media to keep up with your friends and family, and update them on your life.

Now if 2016 is the year to plan better, get organized, or try something new, Pinterest is the app of choice according to Ipsos study’s 5000+ social media users.

Pinterest is a global catalogue of ideas and Pinners use it daily to discover new things to try, from an easy dinner recipe to learning a new skill like how to tie a bow tie. According to the survey, moms tend to use Pinterest to plan family meals while Millenials use Pinterest for fitness tips.

The interesting thing is social media is about empowering the everyday person. And with Pinterest, even though you’re seeing these great ideas like pairing chambray with denim from expert stylists and the perfect cookie recipe from chefs, Pinterest is about the fun of the process. It inspires learning and creativity with easy, useful everyday ideas. I personally have used Pinterest to fix a bad hair day. And used it to find inspiration for planning the perfect birthday party.

Now if 2016 is all about staying on top of news, Facebook and Twitter are the sites you want to be on, according the Ipsos findings.

It’s incredible that a site like Twitter, which started as a microblogging social network, has evolved to become, among other things, an essential source for breaking news. It’s also created a new class of reporting called citizen journalism, which has brought different angles to stories that have affected us over the past few years.

Facebook and Twitter are also great for keeping up with sports and politics, but if celebrities are your game, focus on Twitter and Instagram.

And finally, if you’re truly feeling overwhelmed by your apps, I recommend everyone mark a day in their calendar once a month or every 2 months and delete all the apps that 1) you haven’t used 2) don’t make you smile when you think of them. Having those apps, even just installed on our phones may allow for auto updates, running in the background, and other activities that can drain our batteries. So instead of having a ton of apps on our phones, why not take a few minutes and go through your app library and DELETE the ones we don’t use? And by delete, don’t just wipe it from your screen, go into your Applications and UNINSTALL the app. That’s the only way it won’t run in the background, auto update, or take up space on your phone that you can otherwise use on more important things like pictures, videos, and fun!

To see more findings, check out the graphic below.

Do you ever feel like there’s app overload?

Ipsos Infographic

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