Giada opens new restaurant in Vegas

June 4, 2014

cromwellguys, if you love her everyday Italian recipes, now you can eat them just as the celebrity chef herself would make in her home at GIADA, the newly opened 2nd story restaurant of Giade De Laurentiis. When I was in Vegas last week, I was walking on the strip and saw a signature that read ‘giada’ in elegant cursive above a green covered atrium-like butt-out on the strip. De Laurentiis’s new restaurant opens its doors in the new casino/hotel, Cromwell, which is the revamped Buffalo Bills. The exterior of the hotel and casino is classy, coated in a buttermilk yellow with black and white details. Her restaurant stands out covered in lush (if plastic) greenery and sexy white.

“I wanted to build a place that was similar to my home, as if they [customers] were coming over for dinner,” she said. “Not many people get to come over to my house for dinner, but I wanted for my fans to come and touch a piece of me.… I felt that this was a really good way to get there.” — De Laurentiis

Needless to say, I can’t wait to try it out!

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