November 23, 2015

Why am I talking abour Running? Because it’s Friday, and personally speaking, I’ve been indulging in my ‘holiday treats’ since October–and I need to get off my rear and get in motion! And this app is here to help me share that experience.

Running by Gyroscope is a new iPhone app specially designed to help runners share the experience of their runs with family and friends. Transforming the solitary activity into a social one, Running syncs with data from Strava and Runkeeper(two of the most popular running apps) to allow users to turn their runs into shareable imagery like photos, overlaid satellite maps that show the shape of a route, and stats like calorie counts and number of donuts burned.

love picAll you have to do is open Strava or Runkeeper and start running, and Running will alert you when you can customize your post for Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Inspired by the #FilteredLife of Instagram, Running by Gyroscope adds an element of shareable romance to outdoors exercise.

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