Healthy Eating: The Struggle is Real

July 8, 2015

I know many of you enjoy reading my writing, and I feel one of the reasons you continue to join my conversation is because I’m real, just like you. And just like you, I struggle with eating healthy, always trying out a new diet, and wondering why that last 10 pounds doesn’t come off! COME ON ALREADY! I’m super sweaty in that picture. Can you see how drenched I am? I took up martial arts and self defense to get into shape!

We are bombarded with images of those perfect Hollywood size 0 girls and women, and think we should look like them. I live in that town, and I have to say, it gets annoying to see that ALL my waiters and waitresses are more physically fit and/or attractive than I am, as I order my French Fries with extra ketchup.

Here’s the thing. Living in this town that prides itself on presenting perfect specimens is tough. And when you’re eating out, whether it be with your friends or family, it gets tougher. But when you realize that the way many of these stars stay so svelte is through a few hours of working out a day – a day!!! – and stick to a strict diet of grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetables, or perhaps just a vegan meal plan, you can see it takes a lot to be that coveted size of zero. I work out an hour about 4-5 days a week. It’s a lot. And I’ve been vegan. It’s tough to watch for EVERY LITTLE butter flavoring, gelatin, anything animal derived – but that’s just me. There are tons that are vegan and super happy.

imagesAnd this is what I’m dealing with. Since I started my new workout routine of getting to the gym 4-5 times a week, I’ve noticed my whole body get more tone, but it’s also GROWN a size. That’s right. I’ve gained weight and put on muscle mass-toned muscle mass, but it’s making fitting into the skinny jeans a bit tougher. Here’s the thing. I asked how can I lean out, like all them pretty ladies in the magazines, and my trainers and instructors all say it is diet. Ugh. I know. I know. I eat healthy, but I was raised on rice and white bread. Even though I eat little bits and not that often, it still affects my body, they say. If I cut carbs out completely, I’ll totally lean out. Plus studies have shown eating a Low-Carb diet can actually be a lot healthier for your heart, and better for you in the long run. images-1So I’m on the train to low-carb town, but NO-CARB ville?

Here’s the thing. Do I really want to lean out that much? I work out a lot because I eat like a normal person, and I eat what I want. I know my trade off. And when I’m sweating and crying at the gym, I think of French fries–not like I’ll eat them after my workout, but I need a fantasy. It makes no sense, but I do. The struggle is real. So very real.

There’s so much sadness in the world, and in our lives. I feel if I can find happiness in my brown rice burger or waffle ice cream dessert, let me be! This is America, land of the free. I don’t eat to make myself sick nor to I over indulge. I have my limits, and you have yours. I think as adults, we can choose to indulge in our treats, especially when it comes to a 4-day weekend, and straighten ourselves out the rest of the week. Why? Because we are America Strong. Go forth and eat things that make you happy! I mean, within reason. 🙂 I believe I will continue for the week to eat happily. And when I take pics, I will lie down. It’s truly the best angle for selfies.wpid-img_20150621_232510.jpg

Then I may try this ‘no carb’ thing once and for all!

Have you ever tried the no-carb or paleo diet? How’d it go?

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