February 18, 2015

We all love a good internet meme (when used correctly!), and right now one that reminds me how fun art can be is the newest one to sweep Instagram: #heelconcept. Conceived by@m.sty, the trend involves propping your bare arched foot on a variety of inanimate objects (seriously, anything goes) and then snapping the photo of your magnificent, shoe-tastic creation. If you really look at some of the creations, it’s a fun DIY trend that tells you to get out there and be creative, funny, conceptual, and inventive. Some interpret the meme as a commentary on the ridiculousness of high fashion or on traditional gender roles, since many of the naked feet seen while scrolling #heelconcept are male. But whatever your take, it’s the perfect dose of mid-week fun! So get to steppin and make some cool #heelconcepts!

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