Holiday Essentials on THE TALK

November 22, 2013

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Last week, I was on CBS’s THE TALK to show off a list of Holiday Essentials.

The ladies are always great to me, and I could not stop laughing seeing Julie Chen dressed up as Santa. She’s a hoot!

My dress is Single, and that is my favorite leather jacket company, Muuba. I’m going to sound absurd right now, but I discovered Muuba while working in…(wait forhte uppidy0ness) Paris. I saw this jacket, tried it on and thought, ‘oh god, it’s like a baby’s bottom, it’s so soft.’ A few hundred dollars and large smile across my face later, I am the proud owner of a Lobster colored jacket. And I thank the cow that gave her skin for my warmth.

May the animal chain prevail and I remain an Apex Predator.


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