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November 4, 2014

After a couple slow months of pitching, working away, and putting my nose to the jewelry and photo grindstone, I decide to take a break and return to my first love, TV and Tech. The result? A fun little story that includes some really great tech gifts for the holidays. Yup HOLIDAYS. It is after Halloween, so all efforts are now in full swings towards Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Not sure where to start the gift ideas? Start with me on Home and Family tomorrow on Hallmark Channel.

anki 2

Below, check out more details on cool tech I covered:

  1. Anki Drive – Robot Battle Racing Game
    1. Featuring cars with some of the smartest AI technology and robotics in the world today
    2. starter set with track & 2 cars
    3. Control a car against friends or fight robotic race cars that think and drive for themselves
      1. the more you drive, the more they evolve
      2. collect points to earn weapons and capabilities
    4. each car is controlled by a smartphone and played through an app that allows them to race around a flat, vinyl track.
    5. Use up to 4 cars at once – AI controls cars you don’t
    6. 3 game modes: Battle Mode, Race Mode, and Team Mode
      1. Battle Mode — the first car to score a set number of takeouts wins
      2. Race Mode — it’s an all-out fight to the finish line
      3. Team Mode — players can join up with friends or self-controlled cars to battle against opponent
    7. $149.99 for starter kit available from anki.com
  1. The Photojojo Cell Phone Lens Seteveryone takes more pictures with their phones than with anything elsephotojojo2
    1. smartphone cameras can be lacking, so the solution for this shutter bug? Fun accessories like the Photojojo Lens Set for your phone
    2. Each lense is crafted out of solid aluminum and outfitted with optical quality glass
    3. Each set comes with an adhesive reusable metal ring. The ring sticks to the back of your phone, and the phone lens then attaches magnetically.
    4. You can snap it on and off in an instant
    5. Works with iPhones and Android
    6. I LOVE the fisheye lense because it’s so fun!
    7. Phone Lens Set $49, single lens is $20 from Photojojo.com


  1. Grillbotsgrill
    1. World’s first automatic grill cleaning robot
    2. Super easy to use –
      1. put Grillbot on grill
      2. press a button
      3. Grillbot cleans the grill
    3. Three powerful motors and replaceable brushes
    4. Smart Computer Brain Regulates Speed and Direction
    5. Rechargeable Battery with AC Adaptor
    6. $119 and is available now from Grillbots.com
  1. Swimmer by Boomboom
    1. Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
    2. shock and dust proof
    3. can be hung, looped, hooked, wrapped, and includes a suction cup to stick!
      1. Suction cup against a wall or window and the surface helps boost the bass!
    4. Various colors
    5. $59.95 and is available from apple.com and in Apple Stores





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