How to Dress Like: Instructions on how to wear EVERYTHING

June 24, 2015

I’ve been showing you a bit of the drss up play I like to do, from glam fashion to casual chic, some things from my closet, some purchased just to show you all how even if you don’t have a ton of accessories, you can rock whatever you wear with a bit of confidance and a smile.

When I came across this site, I had a bit of an aneurism.

Emily Spivack is following Worn Stories, her collection of clothing-inspired tales, with yet another piece of addicting fashion literature. Her new website How To Dress Like takes readers into the depths of wikiHow by compiling every page instructing readers on how to master a look, no matter how strange. From dressing like fictional characters (Marvel’s Black Widow) to looking like a member of a subculture (punks in Catholic school) to practical advice (how to dress warmly for horseback riding), the list of fashion recipes keeps readers entertained with impressive range and specificity. Be sure to check out our favorites: “How to Dress Like a Sexy Mother Nature” and “How to Dress in All Black Without Worrying Your Parents.”

What do you think of her advice? Isn’t this compilation incredible?



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