I Don’t See Race

April 15, 2017

Our very considerate, Politically Correct culture has created an environment in which almost anything can be taken offensively. Even if a text comes off tone deaf, I’m certain you’ll hear about it. So aiming to poke fun at this, College Humor recently released the sketch I Don’t See Race, taking this common statement to its illogical conclusion.

The video highlights Katie Marovitch’s character, whose eyes “have just evolved to be like, so progressive,” as she insists she is blind to clearly visible differences between people – including race, gender, weight, even the ‘Famously Bald’. Released just a few days ago, the cheeky video has already garnered over 1.9 million views on YouTube, suggesting she isn’t the only one with these issues.

It’s pretty funny yet relatable. What do you think?

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