IKEA Trones gets a built in look

January 5, 2015

Many of us take the time during the holidays to spend extra time with friends and family. I usually spend it updating something in my home because it’s usually the only all-day time I have to paint, spackle, and paint some more. I’m not saying I didn’t spend it with friends and family, I’m just saying sprinkled in there are a lot of little house projects. And this year, one major one – increasing storage. I had seen the TRONES shoe storage at IKEA a few times. And I thought, wow, what a great place to store toilet paper. As my bathroom storage is filled with girlie things I cannot part with –nope, need that curling iron, and that flat iron, and those moisturizers as they’re all for different parts of my head, and please don’t ask about my shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, or the rest of it. Let’s just say I enjoy my products. So the one thing that gets sacrificed is toilet paper storage. Solution: install these compact storage boxes along wall by toilet alcove. What I did as an amateur is bought the product first and measured second. Once I had the product in house and set to installing it, I noticed it didn’t open in my little alcove if I nailed it down. Woops.

Next step is to find a new home for these things, as a trip to IKEA to return this stuff is not something that entices me. As these little shoe storage cubbies are small, I notice they will fit in my hallway and provide the sister unit with some much needed shoe storage.Wall

So I set to work. This is the pic of the hallway area. It’s a small wall, about 32 inches wide. And that ain’t much room. Not big enough for the nicer wood shoe shelves from our fav big box store, but just enough for Trones to look aight.

Trones looking plasticTrones are super easy to install, and being all plastic, tehyre super light, which is always nice. Screw it in, lock it in at top and boom. Shoe storage done. Put a new picture above it all, and it doesn’t look too shabby. trones set up

However, it’s plastic and obviously so. The solution my little monkeys up in the brain come up with is to wrap the entire thing in some inexpensive wood from Home Depot.



lumber gets treatedI measure, and go get some wood. I have them cut it at the store. I stain it twice, and make a little notch at the bottom for the moulding. Before nailing it in place, I put the pieces together to make sure it fits. It does—to my surprise. Then I poly the thing. And I get my nail gun and nail the sucker together.frame meets plastic


Now notice that my top piece slips between the two side pieces, not on top. I thought, with time and weight, and since I’m using nails, it may be smarter to have nails go horizontal instead of vertically, but looking at the grain of the wood, I think I would have dealt with renailing or fixing to have a smooth top. Oh well, I still think it looks smashing. It was just a few hours work, but I’m really happy I did it. The wood was about $15, and that’s because the Trones is 6 inches, which means I had to buy the 8” board at HD. Personally I’m super happy with the result. And it looks like a piece of furniture at the house. So lovely! Sorry for the dim pics. My hallway gets no light. shoes being held


What do you think? Have you added something simple to your IKEA stuff to make it more homey in your house?closed

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