Jim Carrey’s HOW ROLAND ROLLS Children’s book reading and signing

October 26, 2013


IMG_20131027_120249Jim Carrey’s youngest fans got a special treat yesterday at the Grove in Los Angeles as he made a special appearance to read and sign copies of his new book, HOW ROLAND ROLLS.

What’s this crazy comedian have to say to kids? Well, looks like a lot as the book has already won a Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award. As Jim tells me in an on-on-one interview, the story of Roland is about one-ness. We are all one large thing, and everything is also us. How is that translated? Well Roland is a wave that’s afraid that he’ll vanish once he hits the sand. But he soon discovers he’s so much more than just a little wave.

Jim says he was inspired to tackle issues of mortality and also of belonging because he struggled with the same questions as a boy. These are some heavy issues for bedtime, but they seem to work. More so, they really work in the hands of a gifted comedian. Jim really brought the funny when he read to the crowd of children sat in front of him at the store. Yes there was a large crowd, photographers who wouldn’t stop taking photos (even though everyone was asked ‘no flash photography’  I guess media is exempt), and parents more into Jim than the story. And even through this whole circus, I loved sitting on the sidelines and watching this man read a story to a bunch of young kids, making them laugh and enveloping them into another world. Many of them followed along as he read, and a few just watched. It was surprisingly heartwarming how in the middle of this, the children were still being honored. The book is available now. And Jim returns to shooting Dumb and Dumber To.

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