Kung Fury: ’80s are back with Kung Fu action!

June 8, 2015

You all know about my obsession with time travel and romance–this one-ups that and throws in kung fu! Oh lawd, after watching the trailer for Kung Fury, a 30-minute action comedy that so bad that it’s really, really good, I realize there is something butt-kickingly awesome when one combines kung fu, ’80s nostalgia, and time travel.

The story is inspired by maverick cop movies from the ‘80s—the cop just happens to also be a kung fu master who goes back in time and meets Vikings, dinosaurs, and Adolf Hitler. Not only is the internet completely obsessed with the short (and possibly future full-length feature), but netizens are responsible for its creation, having funded the entire project through a 2013Kickstarter. What’s most impressive to me is this film is mainly shot on green screen. For us practical film lovers, it doesn’t have a ton of that, but what it gives us in exchange is a highly stylized, over-the-top, and slightly absurd action! Kung Fury is being offered for only $5. And oh is it worth it!

And it doesn’t hurt that the main character, Kung Fury, reminds me of a young Johnny Depp; I’m having a screening at my house this Thursday for my girls’ night. It’s that badass.

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