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July 29, 2014

I’m in love. I wish it were something meaningful like a new man in my life; or a new dog I’ve rescued – however the ladies of the house, Stella & Lulu would have words (!!!!!). But it’s a bit more useful and a lot more flexible. It’s Kuu Collection’s Toothy line of bags and Wolven Threads casual, yet fun clothing.
Many of you know I love shopping local, and supporting small businesses. So when I came across Kuu Collections at a local designer show, I felt I had to shout their awesomeness from the rooftops. And that’s what I did on K-CAL 9’s Travel Essentials segment I shot today. The Toothy Tote wins me over because it looks so amazing in perso, and the entire thing is handmade in LA. This is a solid bag y’all, that I discovered Emma and Izzy, two fine arts trained women hand make. With high-quality leather that wears and ages beautifully, it grows better with use. And that’s super cool. All the ‘toothy’ designs are hand silkscreened, each stitch is hand done, and all the bags come infused with tons of love. I feel like a better person carrying a bag that’s part work of art, part all-around carry-all. And the best part, it’s big enough to handle all I NEED to carry while traveling, yet luxurious enough that I want to carry it all day, every day. Kuu Collections Toothy Bucket Bag.jpg




Now let’s get to the pants I haven’t taken off for 4 days, Wolven Threads. This line is designed by one young designer, Kiran Jade, whose influences stem from sacred geometry. And her exciting color choices?  Influenced by the colors of the Indian landscape, which gives each piece this exotic, energetic look to it. All of her designs are digitally transfered onto organic cotton, and sewn in LA. LA! I love that this amazing clothing line is created, designed, and produced right here. And even better, although many of you may see those tops as sports bras or workout tops, I see it as a great summer top to run errands in, pants that can be dressed up or down, and an outfit with an exciting pattern that makes one look put together when running out the door. And I keep telling Kiran, this entire ensemble is PERFECT for road trips, planes, any traveling that makes one look pulled together yet still super comfy while maneuvering from point A to point B. I swear, I have been living in my pants for 4 days straight. I LOVE wearing them because I can top it off with a plain top, or printed top, or matching top. It’s all flexible, and awesome.

What do you think? Do you like the designs? What are your go-to travel essentials?

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