Shop your closet – I found lace shorts!

June 18, 2014

Like most women and metrosexual men, I love wearing beautiful things, especially beautiful things that make my good and bad parts look like good lil bits. However, keeping up with all the trends, and constantly supplying my wardrobe with items shiny enough to look decent on TV can get costly. So, like many of you out there, I am trying to waste not/want not and ‘shop in my closet’. Let’s do this! For my ‘off days, I’m going to wear clothes exclusively from my closet, and I’ll share the looks and styling here. Who knows, you probably have items taking up space in your closet you may have forgotten about. I’m going to help show you those items can find new life in the summer sun.

So let’s do this. Let’s put on the clothes we already own and wear the sh*t out of them.

Today’s outfit – dressier sleeveless top – Dex from Nordstrom

Lace shorts – at least 2 years old from Zara

Shoes – Tribeca (these shoes are supremely stiff, so we will see how long I last!

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