Lazy Saturday Style

June 14, 2014

Listen, my work attire is a bit ‘much’ sometimes, even for me. I’m usually putting on some sorry of cocktail attire, waaaay too much make-up to look ‘natural’ on camera, and some very high heels. Did you see that picture of me in front of that disgustingly hot BMW i8? That’s what I wear to work. Then I rush around to class, conference calls, and of course, make time to walk the two bullies of the neighborhood, Stella and Lulu, my 10 lb and 8 lb dog respectively.

When Saturday rolls around, I’m all about going as casual as can be!

And casual means experimenting with geometric shapes and colors that I’d never get away with on camera. That’s what inspired that orange and blue chevron tank with asymmetrical hem. And those cut off shorts are about a year old, and really worn in. I remember when they weren’t so Daisy Duke-esque, but a washing machine will do what it needs to…and I’ll still wear it.

Matching something so exceptionally short with long sides from the tank play with the eye, and the tank material flows so nicely in the small breezes. Top it off with a hat, and GANT shades, and I’m ready for a visit to the dog park.

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  • Reply Sanhti June 27, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Casual look is you…so are r the other looks too. Lol

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