Leota Dresses: Effortless Chic that make my day

November 20, 2015

Leota New York made it’s way into my inbox and I couldn’t take my eyes off their beautiful designs. So what did I do? I wrote them back, and they were nice enough to send me a dress or two to wear.

I chose two prints, the gorgeous Leota New York Linked Knit Fit And Flare in Peacock Geo ($195) and the Nouveau Sheath in Blue Ember ($160).

peacock dressWhen the dresses arrived, I was elated over the cut and feel of the Peacock Geo Dress. It feels that sexy sweater, and the color and design are ultra flattering. I put it on right away and went to work. You may have seen me in it last week.

But this post is all about the Sheath! I wear a lot of dresses because they are the easiest things to look nice in. How do I mean? Literally, you throw on one piece of clothing and one looks instantly more chic than yesterday. And this Blue Ember does that.

Blue Ember dressThe sheath is so comfortable to slip on, it’s literally like throwing on a t-shirt. I like the included belt. My next wear will include another belt and it’ll likely be a brown behemoth. The t-shirt drapes as flatteringly as one would want, and the print looks really sharp. This is one of those flattering designs that anyone can wear, so go on, throw it on!

And one thing that is completely cool, the dress is REVERSIBLE. The slight V-neck in the back means you have a completely different neckline to wear another week!

V-neck in back!

Isn’t that cool? Look how super happy it makes me. And I wonder why other clothing companies don’t do this!

other neckline

The blue is gorgeous and the pops of orange give it this vitality that look great on camera, but even better in person. And here’s another cool thing. If I’m headed to a casual bruch, this dress works with a pair of sneakers just as effortlessly as heels. If you feel weird about pairing a chic dress like this with sneakers, don’t be. Just make sure the sneakers are as rocking as the dress. One must match style quotient with style quotient. And all that truly means is wear it with confidence. I get away with a lot of stuff because I FEEL LIKE IT GOES, so I wear it like it goes! So slip on anything from Converse to Keds, this Leota dress is super versatile.

Delman Dean ShoesOh and I am wearing this with these amazing Dean fringe booties from Delman. They are super comfortable for being 4″ tall. I wore this outfit from 7 am until I finished work around 5 pm, and only then did my feet start feeling tired. I mean, and I walk! They are on sale now at Nordstrom and you can also get them from Delman Shoes. Aren’t they lovely? I will be living in these for the next month!

So what do you think? Do you like this dress?

**This post is sponsored, however the opinions expressed are solely my own.** Thanks for reading it.



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