Making Himmeli Ornaments

December 16, 2014

I’ve been obsessed with making Himmeli ornaments since I came across them at some craft fair in LA.

When you look at them, they’re simple, elegant, and darn-tootin’ cool. OMG I can’t believe I just said ‘darn-tootin’. Anyhow, instead of paying the $$20 they were charging for these guys, I thought I’d do a search on the inter-web to see if someone has DIY instructions on making one. And voila! I google, and I shall receive.

Instructibles has come through with a truly simple way of getting it done. Plus, the brass tubing is fairly inexpensive, and the instructions are easy. Check them out here!  The pic below shows variations on the instructions. You can make this elongated diamond with longer top and botton pieces. Now you’ll notice I do a lot of jewelry making, so working with brass tubing is easy for me, but this project is doable with kids using — STRAWS! That’s right. Plastic straws. And they look good too. Use red, white, whatever you prefer, or even mix up the colors. No matter how you work it, the concept is simple, string some stuff together, and have a great time.


And to make this ornament a sweet little gift, I add air plants. It looks super chic, and adds life to the little guy with little to no effort.

Happy DIYing!

Tell me how it goes.


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