Microsoft HoloLens: The future is now!

June 24, 2015

In January, Microsoft wowed techies and non-techies alike with its announcement of HoloLens, a wearable holographic computer that allows wearers to experience a digital/physical “mixed reality.” Now, HoloLens is once again on everyone’s minds. This video from E3 shows a demo of HoloLens being used on the wildly popular game Minecraft, showing how users can create virtual worlds on any surface, manipulate the Minecraft world with their fingers, voice, and gaze, and walk around to change their God-like viewpoint. Consumers are definitely excited about getting their hands on HoloLens, and with the promo above showing all the ways it can be integrated into our lives makes it seem like the next, very reachable frontier. imgres-1Now the big question, will it be successful, or will it falter a bit like the Kinect?

What do you think? Would you utilize it?


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